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Pulse Hub Setup
Pulse Hub Setup

How to setup your Pulse Hub

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Before Getting Started

Make sure you have the Pulse Grow app installed on your iOS or Android device before starting.

Don't have a smartphone? We also have a browser app! The setup is similar, and you can still use Bluetooth as long as you're using the Chrome browser and have a computer that supports Bluetooth. If you don't have Bluetooth on your computer, refer to our Legacy Blinkup article.

Setting Up Your Pulse Device

The setup process is the same for all Pulse devices (One/Pro/Hub). Please watch the video below for quick tutorial on getting your Pulse devices setup. If videos aren't your thing, we also have the steps below!

  1. Open the Pulse App on your phone/browser.

  2. Press the blue "+" in the bottom right and select the Pulse Hub

  3. Once on the Bluetooth search page, press and hold the reset button on your Hub for 5 seconds to enter the pairing mode.

    3rd button from the left (you'll see a πŸ”„ icon above reset) on your Pulse Hub.

  4. After you've entered the pairing mode press the blue "Search" button to search for your Hub.

  5. Select your Hub from the menu (will likely be the only device that appears, the ID shown during selection will not be the same as the ID shown on device)

  6. Select your 2.4GHz only network and enter in your password

  7. If successful, you will be prompted that your device is being configured and will appear on your dashboard shortly.

How To Pair Sensors To Your Pulse Hub

  1. Open the Pulse App on your phone/browser.

  2. Press the blue "+" in the bottom right and select "Pulse Hub Sensors"

  3. Plug your sensor into the setup port (βš™οΈ) on your Pulse Hub (far right port) and press "Next"

  4. Scan the QR Codes on your Hub and Sensor and then press next

  5. You'll be prompted that your setup is complete and your sensor is paired to your Hub. After setup, make sure you plug your sensor into the main sensor port.

Make sure your sensor is plugged in the setup port (βš™οΈ) as shown below, before attempting to pair your sensor in-app.

Having issues? Reach out to us directly at or 888-537-8573 (M-F 9a-4p PT)!

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