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How to Connect Your Pulse to WiFi (Legacy BlinkUp)
How to Connect Your Pulse to WiFi (Legacy BlinkUp)
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Note: there's an easier method that's applicable to most new and existing devices.

Before You Begin

  1. Confirm your WiFi network is 2.4 GHz. Not sure how? Read this.

  2. Confirm your network name and password. CAPITALIZATION MATTERS. Also make sure your 0's and O's are the right characters, and that you include any special characters and spaces. You might want to double check your password. To do that, disconnect from your network, "forget" it, and reconnect to your WiFi network.

  3. Remove any bulky cases.

  4. Go indoors and turn off any bright lights. The connection process uses light, so bright lights might interfere.

  5. Prepare your device.
    -Set screen brightness to maximum.
    -Set sleep mode / screen dimming / auto lock to 5 minutes or more.
    -Turn off adaptive brightness or true tone.
    -Make sure night shift / night mode / flux / anything that changes screen’s colors is disabled.
    -Turn on your volume if your phone or computer is on mute.

  6. Pulse 2018 (square enclosure):` Get something you can use to poke the reset button (located next to the USB plug). For example, a pen or a paperclip.

  7. Plug in your Pulse with the provided wall adapter and cable.

Above: Pulse One (2018) ready to be set up.

Above: Pulse One (2020) ready to be set up.

Getting Started

  • Reset your Pulse, observe the color of the light. If it blinks yellow, you're good to go. If it blinks some other color (red, green, etc), proceed to the "How to Clear your Pulse".

  • Go to the Pulse App: Log in (register your account if you haven't already).

  • From the dashboard, click on the blue plus button to go to the Blinkup page.

  • Type in your network name and password. Double check that things are capitalized correctly, and are EXACTLY correct. If there are any mistakes here, the Pulse will not connect.

Doing the Setup

Warning: there will be flashing lights. If you're sensitive to flashing lights, you can orient your Device and Pulse the opposite way from what's described below, placing your pulse on the flat surface, and your phone face down on top of the Pulse.

  • Set your phone down on a flat surface with the screen up.

  • Reset the Pulse by pressing the reset button, located next to the USB plug.

  • Press "start blinkup" on the blinkup page in the app. A countdown will begin.

  • Place the Pulse face down with the two dots lining up with the middle of your phone's screen. See below:

  • Wait while your device finishes flashing the Pulse. It should take about 30 seconds. Do not move your phone, the Pulse, or touch your phone's screen.

  • As soon as it is done flashing (you'll hear a confirmation sound), pick up the Pulse and look at the LED.

LED Color Meanings

  • If you get a solid green LED for 2-3 seconds, the Blinkup successfully passed WiFi information to the Pulse, and now the Pulse will try to connect to our servers. Go on to the next section.

  • If you get a blinking yellow LED, you did not successfully do the Blinkup process. Please make sure to follow all the steps from "Before You Begin", specifically step 5 "Prepare your device". Once you've double checked your device settings, try Blinkup again.

  • If your LED is not doing anything, press the reset button and observe what it does.

Confirming Success

If you got that solid green light, the app and device will do a few different things.

  1. The app will be trying to ping the Pulse device

  2. The Pulse device will be trying to connect to the internet. The device will go through a few different colors, ideally settling into a pattern. The pattern we want to see is a yellow blink followed by a green blink. That means everything has succeeded.

  3. If all is well, the app will automatically re-direct you to the dashboard after about 10 seconds, and your device will show up there.

  4. If the device is not on the dashboard, refresh the dashboard (the refresh icon is in the top right).


Restart your device, observe the colors

  1. If blinking yellow: the device doesn't have any WiFi configuration on it and needs to go through Blinkup. Review the instructions in the "Before You Begin" section and try Blinkup again.

  2. If blinking red it can mean one of two things:If the sequence is one long red, two short red, that means the Pulse is searching for the WiFi network, but not able to find it. This happens if:
    - You tried to connect to a 5GHz network. Confirm your WiFi network is 2.4 GHz. Not sure how? Read this. Once you've found your 2.4GHz network, clear the configuration from your Pulse (see below), and try Blinkup again.
    - You have the wrong network name typed in. Double check your WiFi network name and what you've typed in the app, clear the configuration from your Pulse (see below), and try Blinkup again.
    - 5GHz network name and 2.4GHz network name are the same. Rename your 5GHz network to be different from your 2.4GHz network, clear the configuration from your Pulse (see below), and try Blinkup again.

  3. If the sequence is one long red, three short red, that means you provided the wrong password. Double check your password, update it in the field on the blinkup page of the Pulse app, clear the configuration from your Pulse, and try Blinkup again.

If you're still having trouble contact the support team at or 1-(888-537-8573) or with our chat widget.

Clearing the Existing WiFi Configuration

Follow the same steps as outlined in "Doing the Setup", with two differences.

  1. The blinking period only takes 10 seconds.

  2. Press the "Clear Configuration" button instead of the "Start Blinkup" button.

Above: Clear Configuration Button

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