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How to identify what channels your WiFi network is on
How to identify what channels your WiFi network is on

How to identify and possibly change what channels your WiFi network(s) are on.

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Our Pulse devices do not come pre-configured to support international WiFi channels, such as channels 12 and 13. If your network runs off of these channels, you might experience issues on connecting your device to your network.

If you have a Laptop, Android, or Mac device available, you can check which channel your network is running off of.

Laptop Method (Windows)

You can select your network symbol in the icon tray bottom right.

Once you've accessed the menu above, you want to select "properties".

Once you enter the "properties" menu, you will brought to the menu above, and will see your network channel, as shown in the red box. If it shows the channel as 12-13, as mentioned above you will need to change which channel your network is on.

Apple/Mac Method (Mac OS)

1. Connect to the WiFi network you're trying to connect your Pulse to.

2.Click on the WiFi icon in the top nav bar while holding down the Option/Alt key.

3. Look at the channel information written in grey text. It will say which channel your network is on.

Android Device Method

There is no built in function that allows you to check your network channel on Android devices, so you will need to install a 3rd party app from the play store.

Listed below are a few of the top rated WiFi analyzing apps from the play store -

Changing Channels On Your Router

Changing which channel your network runs on is different for each router manufacturer, so you would need to search up how to change the channel on a network for your specified brand.
Here are some links for some of the common router types below -

The screenshot below shows which 2.4ghz channels are supported for North America/Pulse devices

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