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Device Signal Strength & Connectivity
Device Signal Strength & Connectivity

An overview on device signal strength, connectivity, why it matters, and how to possibly improve.

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Pulse devices need to be connected to a WIFI connection of some sort to operate properly. In some cases, the spot that you need your Pulse device to cover may not have the best signal strength, which could possibly lead to connectivity issues down the road. (Nobody wants that!)

Checking Device Signal Strength

Step 1

  • Navigate to your device dashboard

Step 2

  • On mobile tap & hold on the WIFI icon for your desired device. On desktop hover your mouse cursor over the icon.

What is a good signal strength?

More than -30dBm

Too much

Having your device too close to your router can overwhelm the WIFI antenna in the device and cause issues.

-35 to -50dBm

Very Good

You'll be able to connect your device just fine. Disconnects are unlikely.

-60 dBm


You'll be able to connect your device just fine. Disconnects are unlikely, but disruption on your network may cause disconnects.

-70 dBm

Not Good

Your device will connect, but the connection is not good. You may run into some connectivity issues.


Approaching Unusable

Your device will likely not even connect at this stage, but if it does expect frequent disconnects.

*Signal strength can vary greatly depending on many external factors. Any disruption such as storms, thick walls, or new debris placed near the router can cause disconnects.

How can I improve signal strength?

  1. If your Pulse is in a metal lined tent you can place the Pulse closer to a gap or window in the lining.

  2. If your tent has "windows" open the window, and cover it with a dark fabric. WiFi makes it through fabric.

  3. You can buy a simple range extender such as this one and place it close to your tent or grow space.

  4. You can buy a router and some ethernet cable, connect it to your existing router with the cable, and set the new router in the grow space.

  5. If you have good cell service in your area. You may be able to purchase a mobile hotspot from a cell service provider, which will serve the same purpose as a WIFI connection.

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