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What do I need to connect my Pulse?
What do I need to connect my Pulse?

An overview of optimal network conditions to setup your device.

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The only thing you will need to setup your device is an active 2.4GHz WIFI connection and a PC or Mobile device. There are no additional hubs or purchases required to setup your device.

Not sure if you have a 2.4GHz connection? It's standard for modern routers to come with "Dual band" WIFI. This means that both the 2.4 and 5GHz bands are combined on the same SSID (SSID is your network name). You can check out our how-to guide on finding out whether you're running a 2.4G, 5G, or dual band network.

Incompatible Network Conditions

If your network requires some sort of third-party authorization, such as student logins for EDU or employee logins for Facilities, then you will not be able to setup your device on that network. In these instances, we suggest speaking to your IT Department to see if they're able to give you a network without third-party authorization, or by using one of the Hotspot or Extender methods suggested below.

  • EDU Network with third-party authorization/logins required (Student Login, Portal Logins, etc)

  • Facility Networks with third-party authorization/logins required (Employee Login, Portal Logins, etc)

  • Any network that requires third-party authorization/logins beyond the basic WIFI Network authorization (WIFI Password)


Will a hotspot work if I don't have WIFI? Yes! If you don't have an active WIFI connection, you can connect your device to a mobile hotspot on your mobile device or a mobile hotspot offered by cell carriers, such as this Verizon Jetpack Hotspot.

My router doesn't allow me to do 2.4GHz only, what do I do? If your router doesn't support 2.4GHz networks, we suggest contacting your ISP to see if you're eligible for a new router or purchasing a WIFI extender that is capable of 2.4GHz networks, such as these TP-Link extenders.

Am I able to collect data while offline? Yes, but the device will need to go through the initial setup process first. If a device goes offline it will record up to a weeks (7 days) worth of data, which will then be uploaded into the app once it regains connection.

Having issues? Please reach out to us directly at 888-537-8573 or You can click here or you can use the Intercom widget bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen to start a live chat with us during our office hours!

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