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How To Find Your Device ID
How To Find Your Device ID
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Your device ID is a unique identifier assigned to your Pulse. In case of an issue with your device, we might ask you to provide us this ID so we can help troubleshoot your issue(s). You can find your device ID via the listed methods below.

Method 1: Finding your device ID on the physical device

Method 2: Finding your device ID through our Mobile or Web app (If you've already assigned the device to your account.)

  1. To locate your device ID on your physical device, flip your device over, then slide the battery hatch cover up and then off. Inside you will see a sticker that has your device ID printed on it. (See picture below)

2. You can locate your device ID by navigating to our Mobile or Web app, selecting the device you want to find the ID of, and then tapping on the bubble with an ‘i’ in it. (Located top right above the graph)

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