Fine-tuning the Pulse One for your Grow

The Pulse One comes pre-calibrated from the factory, but since it's got a WiFi antenna in there, depending on your setup (airflow, lighting, signal strength, etc) it will experience different amounts of self heating. Our firmware is designed to reduce any self heating, but depending on your unique setup, you may still experience accuracy issues.

Before Getting Started

1. Confirm that your Pulse is placed in the right spot in your grow.

2. Get an accurate thermometer and hygrometer - the "standard" that you'll be calibrating to.

3. Make sure that the Pulse and whatever meter you are calibrating it with have been in your environment for at least 24 hours to account for measurement hysteresis.

4. Make sure that the meter you are calibrating the Pulse with is directly adjacent (pretty much touching) the Pulse, and has been there 24 hours. There can be big differences in temperature and humidity for sensors that are even 1-2 feet apart.

5. If you have any calibration settings already, wipe them out at the device's settings page (see step 1 in procedure below).

Calibration Procedure

1. Click on the device in the dashboard

2. Go to the settings page (click the gear icon)

4. Enter into the "real temperature" field the temperature that you would like the Pulse device to read. This would be the temperature that your "standard" which you're comparing the Pulse to is displaying.

5. Hit update.

6. Wait 3 minutes, this lets the device collect the newly calibrated data (since it takes into account the dew point, humidity will change as well).

7. Refresh the page.

8. Enter into the "real humidity" field the humidity that you would like the humidity to read.

9. Hit update.

10. Enjoy your newly re-calibrated Pulse. You shouldn't have to re-calibrate for a long time, as the sensor has good temporal stability, however, if the conditions of your grow change significantly (new lighting setup, different HVAC / fans, etc), it might be worth revisiting.

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