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How to Calibrate the Pulse Pro CO2 Sensor
How to Calibrate the Pulse Pro CO2 Sensor

CO2 Sensor Calibration

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Getting Started

The CO2 sensor comes pre-calibrated out of the box and no additional calibrations should be needed for 4-6 months. With that being said, the Pulse Pro contains highly accurate scientific grade components and sensors; For this reason, rough handling, dropping, or bumping of the device can cause the sensor to give abnormally low/high readings. If you experience these readings, follow the guide below.

Sensors are sensitive instruments. Please handle them with care.

Before Calibrating

  1. Expose your device to a stable environment, that has no extreme airflow, no direct light and no temperature swings. The outside is a perfect spot for this. (You can use the device in its handheld/battery mode)

  2. You can use outside ambient air for this process, which can be an assumed 420ppm.

  3. Once exposing the device to your stable environment; leave the device powered on and in place for 10 minutes.

  4. Confirm that the last 5 minutes of CO2 readings are stable.

Calibrating the CO2 Sensor

  1. Navigate to the device dashboard page.

  2. Go to the device chart page of the device you wish to calibrate by clicking on the device box.

  3. Once you're on the device chart page, go to the device settings tab by clicking the box that says "Settings" with the gear inside.

  4. Once you've made it to the settings page, scroll down until you see the "Calibrate CO2" box.

  5. Enter your CO2 reference into the box. (Can be assumed to be 420ppm if using outside ambient air)

  6. Hit the "Update" button and wait 5 minutes (15 minutes if on battery) to see the updated readings.

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