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What Pulse is right for you?
What Pulse is right for you?

Device comparison between One and Pro.

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Pulse One is great for growers who are looking for battery only use* Works great in your Veg and Dry rooms! Provides real-time Temp, RH (%), Basic light (On/Off), Air/Leaf VPD, Dew Point, Air Pressure readings as well as WiFi/Power outages. Range: Covers up to 500sqft.

*While this device can be used with only batteries, it does provide a wall powered option using our provided cord and adapter. Updates every 60 seconds on wall power and every 10 minutes on battery.

Pulse Pro is great for growers who are using CO2 and/or looking to optimize light intensity in their Flower rooms. This is the big brother of One including the same real-time readings and outage alerts (WiFi/Power) as One with the addition of CO2 readings, PAR/PPFD sensor, Spectrum Analysis, and DLI calculations. Can be unplugged and temporarily used handheld using the rechargeable battery. Updates every 60 seconds. Range: Covers up to 500sqft.

Check out the more detailed comparison on our site! -

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