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Pulse One User Guide
Pulse One User Guide
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Eager to get started? Check out our setup tutorial video!

Parts of the Pulse One


  • The front of the Pulse One has a light sensor (tracks if lights are on or off).

  • At the top is a hole if you want to hang the Pulse on a cord or loop. Read this article for placement tips.

  • It also comes with a wall mount and 3 screws to attach the wall mount.


  • The bottom of the device has the temperature and RH sensor vents.

  • There's a cable routing path that goes between the battery cover and the main body of the device to help route the power cable either up or down.

  • Note: You can hang the device by the cable.

  • To open the battery cover, side it up from the bottom.


  • The button is used for setting up the device and for resetting the device.

  • The LED indicator helps with troubleshooting connectivity issues.

  • There are slots for 2x AA. These are optional as you can just use the power plug.

  • The power plug uses a 5v 3.5*1.35 mm barrel plug that is provided with the device.

Pulse One Features

  • Temperature sensor

  • Humidity sensor

  • VPD sensor

  • Dew point sensor

  • Atmospheric air pressure sensor

  • Light sensor (tracks if lights are on or off)

  • Battery powered option

  • Splash resistant design

  • Notifications and alerts

  • Tracks power outage, connectivity loss, and low battery

What's In The Box

  1. Pulse One

  2. Quick start guide

  3. Wall mount

  4. Screws for wall mount

  5. Power adapter

  6. Power cable

Internet Requirements

  • 802.11n WiFi operating in the 2.4GHz band

  • WEP, WPA or WPA2 security

  • Channels 1-11

  • No captive hotspots or enterprise wifi authentication which requires to log into a browser window.

Setup Instructions

Read this article to get started with your Pulse One.


Temperature and Humidity

  • Max temperature: 130F (55C)

  • Min temperature: 20F (-7C)

  • Temperature sensor accuracy: ±1F (0.5C)

  • Max humidity: 90%

  • Min humidity: 10%

  • Humidity accuracy: ±3%


  • Battery Life: up to 6 months in ideal conditions

  • WiFi: 2.4 GHz, Channels 1-11

  • WiFi range: 1000ft in ideal conditions, structures and interference reduce this

  • Power: 110V-220V AC with 5V adapter or 2xAA

  • Various attachment points: hanging loop, hang on screw, wall mount, hang by cord

  • Warranty: 1 year, defects and workmanship

  • Waterproofing: splash resistant


  • Device Height: 4.5 inches (115 mm)

  • Device Width: 2.5 inches (64 mm)

  • Device Depth: 1.125 inches (28 mm)

  • Device Weight: 2.9 ounces (84 grams)

  • Box Height 6 inches (152 mm)

  • Box Width 4 inches (102 mm)

  • Box Depth 3 inches (76 mm)

  • Box Weight 9.4 ounces (267 grams)

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