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How to unhide a device
How to unhide a device
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Head over to your device dashboard, and select the drop down menu next to “Filter by device status”

Once the drop down menu opens scroll down the menu, and towards the bottom you should see an option labeled “Hidden”.

Select the “Hidden” option to show your hidden device(s). If you wish to unhide one of the device(s) in this status select the device you wish to unhide.

Once you select the device you wish to unhide, click the settings tab above the chart.

This should bring you to a settings page, once you’re on the settings page scroll to the bottom of it. At the bottom of the page there should be an option labeled “Hide Device”.

To unhide your device you need to press the slider, once pressed the slider should move to the left and turn grey, meaning your device is now unhidden. (if your device is currently hidden the slider will appear blue)

Un-hidden device

^ Unhidden

Hidden Device

^ Hidden

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