We're always pushing new features and fixes to the app, and for the best experience you want to be on the latest version.

To check your app version, just tap on the menu in the top right, and it should be in the bottom:

If it's not there, you're on an old version. Read on below to find out how to update it!

Laptop / Desktop / Browser Instructions

1. Just refresh the page. If that doesn't work, do a "hard refresh" by pressing Ctrl + F5, or holding Ctrl and clicking the Reload icon in your browser.

iPhone / Android / Mobile "Saved to Homescreen" Instructions

There are a few different things to try, if one doesn't work, just try the next:

1. Swipe the app out of the list of recent apps and open it again

2. Restart your phone

3. Uninstall the app (remove it from your homescreen, then add it back)

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