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Where do I place my Pulse?
Where do I place my Pulse?

Placement/Hanging recommendations

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  1. You want your Pulse device to be mounted or hung at around mid-canopy height in your grow.

  2. It should not be directly under your lights. This will lead to high temperature readings and low humidity readings because the lights will heat up the device.

  3. You want it in a place with good airflow, so you have a good idea of your overall environment, not just of a still and quiet corner of your grow.

  4. You want to have the Pulse as close to the center of your grow as possible. If you have multiple devices, we suggest spacing them out evenly throughout your grow, tending towards the center.

  5. If you have a big grow (> 100 - 250 sqft or 10-25 m²) you will want to have multiple Pulse devices. We suggest at least one per every 100-250 sqft (10-25 m²) of canopy. A higher number of devices for a given area will lead to better visibility into your grow's micro-climates.

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