PH-1 User Manual

User Manual for PH-1 Pulse Hub Sensor

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Sensor Specifications



PH Measurement Range

0-14PH | Resolution:0.01PH | Precision:±0.1PH

Protection grade

IP65 (Submersible)

Min/Max Temperature

-40 ~ 85℃

Cable Length

15ft (5 meters)


Length 160mm, diameter 30mm

Intended Usage/Installation

The PH-1 sensor is meant to be fully submerged in your tank/reservoir. You can use the included mounting bracket for mounting the sensor, or you can use the 3/4" NPT threading for inline installation. When mounting make sure the positioning allows the tip of the sensor to remain fully submerged and in a spot where it won't get knocked around.

Proper Maintenance

Your sensor(s) will need periodic cleaning and calibration. The maintenance cycle can vary depending on your environment. These probes do not last forever; They age through normal use and will eventually fail. To ensure you receive a long life from your sensor, please follow proper use/maintenance instructions. Replacement PH Probes are available. Please reach out to us at

Proper cleaning:

  1. Remove plastic cap from the tip of the sensor and run under fresh tap water (Do not use distilled, de-ionized, or reverse osmosis water).

  2. Fill a small container with clean tap water.

  3. Add a small amount of probe cleaner or mild dishwashing liquid.

  4. Gently stir sensor in solution. *Make sure you don't knock/bump the sensor off the sides of container as this can cause damage*

To ensure accurate readings make sure to avoid air bubbles. Air bubbles may cause inaccurate readings. Do not change/modify the components or wires that have been soldered at the factory. DO NOT disassemble, touch the sensor surface with sharp objects, or submerge in corrosive liquid to avoid damage to the sensor.

Incorrect usage of this sensor voids our warranty.


PH-1 sensors are calibrated by inserting them into PH4, PH7, and then PH10 solutions. The sensor has to be inserted into each solution successively. To enter calibration mode, you want to enter your device settings, and then follow the onscreen instructions for calibration.

If you require additional support with calibration, reach out to us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can my sensor remain fully submerged? Yes! Your sensor can remain fully submerged in your tank/reservoir.

Running into issues? Reach out to us at or give us a call at 888-537-8573 during our business hours (M-F 9a-4p PT) so we can take care of you!

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