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Zones w/ Batch & Phase Tracking
Zones w/ Batch & Phase Tracking

All you need to know about Zones and Batch Tracking.

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Zones is a new completely customizable Pulse dashboard which allows you to group sensors into zones specific to your operation.

  • Group and view data from specific areas of your facility

  • View averages across multiple sensors

  • Compare data from multiple sensors on a single graph.

Batch & Phase Tracking keeps track of "where and when" different plant batches are within your facility.

  • Automatically track the current day, week, and phase of each batch

  • Monitor crop progress by setting a strains expected maturity date

Plenty of new features & improvements coming soon! We'd love to hear your feedback, we truly take it into consideration as we strive to be the simplest and most powerful all-in-one grow data monitoring platform available.

Example (Hub & All-In-One Sensors):

Creating New Zones

Step 1: Press blue "+" in bottom right

Managing Zones

Step 1: Tap Zone card that you wish to edit and navigate to the "⚙️Settings" menu

Step 2: From here you can edit your zone to your liking. You can change the name of your Zone (1), enable batch tracking (2), enable data averaging (3), add devices to your zone (4), create sub zones to assign devices to (5), and delete your Zone.

Creating Batches & Phases

*The "Display Batch Tracker" slider has to be enabled (blue) in your Zone settings in order to display Batch info*

Step 1: Select your Zone by tapping on the card, navigate to the "Batches" menu, and then press "Start New Batch".

Step 2: Enter your batch details and then tap "Create"

Step 3: Get batch and phase info at your finger tips by viewing your Zones Dashboard!

Questions or feedback? We're here to help! Feel free to contact our support team at or call 888-537-8573 M-F 9a-4p PT.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and are constantly improving our services to better cater to your needs. Please share any feedback or comments over on our forums!

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