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Changing Account Email
Changing Account Email

A guide on how to change the email associated with your Pulse app account.

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To change the email associated with your Pulse account, you will need to be logged into the account. If you're unable to gain access to your account, try resetting the password on the account or reaching out to our support team.

Step 1:

  • Go to your account settings.

Step 2:

  • Scroll/swipe down towards the bottom of the page until you hit the "Account settings" portion of the page. Here you'll see the "Change email" box where you'll enter the email you wish to change to.

  • Press the blue "Update" button. Once pressed an email confirmation link will be sent to the email requested. *The email associated with your account will not be updated unless the new email is verified*

Step 3:

  • Confirm your email using the link sent to the new email.

  • Once the email is confirmed, the email associated with your account will be updated. You will need to re-login to the app using the new email.

Having issues changing the email/password associated with your account? Please reach out to us directly at 888-537-8573 or You can also use the Intercom widget bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen to start a live chat with us during our office hours!

M-F 9a-5p PST.

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