The Pulse Pro has a built in rechargeable battery so the device can be temporarily taken off the charger and used to take hand-held advanced light readings (PAR/PPFD). Here's what a reading looks like:

How to take readings

  1. From the dashboard click on a Pulse Pro device

  2. Click the "Spectrum" tab just below the device's name

  3. Press the blue button in the bottom right corner to have the app watch for new readings

  4. Press and release the black button on the device itself

  5. Hold the device as horizontal as possible in the location you want to take the reading for about 30 seconds

  6. The reading will show up in the table

How to take multiple readings in succession

The Pulse Pro keeps looking for new readings as long as it keeps getting them, so just keep pressing the button on the Pulse Device after every new reading shows up in the table in the app.

How to get DLI calculations

Check out our DLI calculation article which walks you through the process of taking DLI calculations with your device.

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