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Legacy BlinkUp for Pulse One (2018) on Android
Legacy BlinkUp for Pulse One (2018) on Android
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Pulse One devices with IDs greater than 3708 or devices with IDs greater than 600 which have connected to the internet since 2020-07-03 likely have the latest Over the Air firmware update and can do the simpler Bluetooth setup process.

There are some one-off devices with IDs that are not in sequence. Those will not be able to perform the Bluetooth setup process. Contact support if you have any questions or trouble setting up your device.

Setup Video

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Confirm your WiFi network is 2.4 GHz. Not sure how? Read this.

  2. Confirm your network name and password. CAPITALIZATION MATTERS. Also make sure your 0's and O's are the right characters, and that you include any special characters and spaces.

  3. Note: to double check your password, disconnect from your network with your phone or laptop, "forget" it, and reconnect to your WiFi network. It should prompt you for your password there, and a successful connection means that you have the correct password.

  4. Remove any bulky cases.

  5. Go indoors and turn off any bright lights. The connection process uses light, so bright lights might interfere.

  6. Set screen brightness to maximum.

  7. Set sleep mode / screen dimming / auto lock to 5 minutes or more.

  8. Turn off adaptive brightness or true tone.Make sure night shift / night mode / flux / anything that changes screen’s colors is disabled.

  9. Turn on your volume if your phone or computer is on mute.

  10. Reset your router

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