Got a favorite or high priority zone you want to make sure you always see first? Maybe you want to see your zones in a different order?

Do you have certain spaces critical to you to see the most? You should put those first.

Do you have a zone for storage or drying, for example, that isn't critical, but just a threshold you want to be alerted about when crossed, such as "no lights after X o'clock" or "humidity should never be higher than X"? Or maybe units that are connected but in rooms that aren't active. Drag 'em to the end!

There's lots of ways that we find the recently added ability to drag and drop your device displays can help our Pulse family improve their grows!

(Please note, this feature is currently still being fine tuned, and may not work perfectly for all users... We're working on it, promise!)

Step 1: select "Drag and drop order" from the menu for Filter by Device Status.

(Tip: the Pulse app will remember the "filter by" choice you had selected upon it's last use.)

Step 2: Look for the icon that looks like a "dot texture" to the top left corner of the device you want to drag to another location.

Step 3: click / tap and hold on the dot texture button, and once the following hovering prompt appears, you can drag it into position.
"Drag and drop to re-arrange your devices"
When you start dragging it properly, it will look like this, and the other devices will try to shift around it. This one is really important to me, so I'm going to drag it all the way to first place. (The screen automatically scrolls as we gently drag up or down beyond what's visible):


Ahhh, there we go! Keeping a keen eye on our star players has never been easier!

And that's it! Just three easy steps!