Step 1:

  • Open your Pulse app, navigate to your account settings, and scroll to the "Create New Grow" section.

Step 2:

  • Press the blue "Create Grow" button.

Step 3:

  • Once the button is pressed you should be brought to a fresh dashboard page. All newly created grows are named "New Grow" by default. Your grow name can be changed in the grow settings page.

    Not sure how to rename your grow? Check out our "Renaming Your Grow" article.

Moving devices between grows

When you have multiple grows associated with your account, you are able to move devices between grows. This can be done via the device settings page. Not sure how to move devices between grows? Check out our "Moving Devices to Another Grow" article.

Having issues creating a new grow? Please reach out to us directly at 888-537-8573 or You can also use the Intercom widget bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen to start a live chat with us during our office hours!

M-F 9a-5p PST.

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