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How to Set Up Alerts and Notifications
How to Set Up Alerts and Notifications
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Pulse can notify you when something in your grow room has gone wrong. This will help prevent mishaps, guard against equipment failure, and get some peace of mind.

Setting Alerts

1. Log in to the app

2. From your dashboard, tap or click on a device card

3. On that page scroll to "Alert Settings"

4. WiFi Disconnected Alert notifies you when the device has been offline for 10-20 minutes.

5. Power Outage Alert notifies you when a device recovers from a power outage of a certain duration. The sensitivity allows you to pick the duration.

6. Photoperiod defines your day and night times. Day start is the time when your lights turn on, similarly Night start is the time your lights turn off.

7. Light is a relative measure of light strength. During the day, you can have a minimum setting, and everything above that setting is okay, as defined by the blue thick line.

8. Temperature & humidity settings can be set to a range by dragging the ends of the blue line.

9. Note: there's a second tab for night time settings.

Activating Notifications

1. These toggles define whether a alert is active or not. Set to the left (grey) means the alert is off, and no notification will be triggered. Set to the right (blue) means that the alert is on.

2. To set up email & push notifications, you have to go to the menu (tap on the icon in the top right), and go to the account page.

3. From the account page, go to the notification settings.

4. Set your email. Note: this only updates your notification email!

5. Set your email & push notification toggles, on or off. This affects all alerts.

6. Tap / click update

Important Tips

1. Make sure to set your alert thresholds pretty wide that you don't get too many of them. Otherwise you end up ignoring your alerts, and then when something truly important happens, you might miss it.

2. There are separate alert settings for day and night (there's a tab for night settings)

3. There are toggles for email & push notifications, as well for all of the individual alerts. The email & push notification toggles will enable or disable emails and push notifications. You'll get the in-app notifications no matter what for active alerts (click / tap the message bubble icon in the menu bar to see these).

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